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just a girl in love with fitness...

hello, it's me. 

My name is tiffany, aka tdub, the creator of standard procedure. It's a funny story really... I was attending a personal growth seminar and the speaker asked "what's your brand?" I thought to myself, I don't have a brand. Then a coworker popped up with "tiffany has a brand. Every time she works out, she posts a photo on social media in the exact same pose. We all watch for it. If she doesn't post it, we worry." I laughed and said, it's what we do. It's standard procedure. ANd the brand was born. I''m a 40 year old, mother to two bulldogs and one beautiful human. I love fishing and changing lives through fitness. FItness is such a personal experience, finding your why and what it means to you. I'd love to be a part of your journey. BUt first... coffee.

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if you build it...

i started my fitness journey in 2015 and am a true testament to ANYONE can do this at ANY time in their life. I was tired of being out of breath when i'd reel in a big fish or would need to ask for help to move something around my house. Of course my jeans didn't fit back then like they do now, so there was that too. I took my first group fitness class and quickly fell in love. Something about working out with a group of people looking to be the best version of themselves, ignited a fire. 

What made me open my own place?

Realizing that fitness isn't just about looking good naked. It's about being strong enough to do every day things, Having the cardiovascular capacity to chase the dogs down the beach, or play tag with a kiddo. That's what I've created. A space where you can work on your fitness, at your level, and be functional with it. I became a coach with this big dream in mind, to create a community. Where people push each other to be their best, judgement free. oh, and because i love cookies.

reach out

questions? comments? COncerns?

i want to hear them.


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